Qwinix 5G-Ready Edge AI for Retail Joins Google Cloud Solution Rollout

December 8th, 2020 | Tech

By Darshan Puttannaiah

Qwinix is excited to be part of retail’s brighter, faster future on Google Cloud. 

As part of a larger edge strategy, Google Cloud has teamed up with popular industry application partners to deliver more than 200 partner applications at the edge, on Google Cloud. Qwinix has been named as one of these edge application launch partners.

Qwinix is set to offer our retail-focused 5G-ready edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions as part of the application rollout. We are just one of a select group of edge application partners, each focused on solving critical industry use cases with the power of leading-edge technology.

This collective launch of partner applications will help organizations quickly enable 5G-ready edge technology that is pre-designed and battle-tested for their unique needs.

Solution: 5G-Ready Edge AI for Retail on Google Cloud

Qwinix’s 5G-ready Edge AI retail solutions bring fresh capabilities into one of the most poised spaces for innovation. From COVID-19 to e-commerce competition and changing consumer behavior, the shifting landscape is hitting retailers from nearly every angle. Retailers must come up with innovative and efficient solutions to optimize the customer experience if they want to stay competitive.

IoT and AI solutions are quickly becoming key differentiators for retailers. Qwinix has been at the helm of these innovations for years, developing applications and software to meet the new demands of this dynamic space. Our 5G-ready edge AI application on Google Cloud will help retailers with:

  • Out-of-stock monitoring: real-time inventory monitoring to keep shelves stocked
  • Loss prevention: machine learning models trained to detect theft, damage, or inventory loss
  • Foot-traffic monitoring: gain greater business intelligence with real-time consumer behavior

“We’re proud to partner with Qwinix to help retailers bring digital, cloud capabilities to the edge,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “With cloud capabilities and 5G connectivity at the edge, retailers have an opportunity to introduce new digital customer experiences and to leverage capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics to digitally transform aspects of their businesses.” 

This announcement is a key milestone in Google Cloud’s larger Global Mobile Edge Cloud (GMEC) strategy. Under this strategy, Google Cloud worked with AT&T to deliver Google Cloud capabilities using AT&T network connectivity at the edge, including 5G. The GMEC platform leverages Google Cloud’s Anthos as the central platform for all application modernization efforts. 

If you’ve followed Qwinix, you’ll know our team is ecstatic that Anthos is at the heart of this operation — especially David “Mac” McDaniel, Google Cloud Certified Fellow in Hybrid Multi Cloud and Qwinix’s Anthos Practice Lead.

“The innovation potential is limitless,” says Mac. “Businesses can now quickly adopt 5G edge solutions designed for their unique needs while ensuring security, control, and simplicity with Anthos. It’s part of bringing the power of the cloud closer to where the day-to-day operations really happen.”

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