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Qwinix and AWS Transform Smart Home Community Living with AYU.

AYU (Ah-yoo) - a secure, subscription-based platform, helps members of residential communities find amenities within their communities - such as transit information, home maintenance scheduling, parcel collection, and community events. AYU, Sanskrit for “life”, seized the opportunity to create smart home living for multi-dwelling units by tapping into the expertise of Qwinix Technologies and leveraging Amazon Web Services.

the Challenge

  • High CPU usage caused frequent server crashes.
  • The team faced issues when updating the stack.
  • Integrating with a variety of third party providers.

the Solution

Qwinix chose highly efficient technical solutions that allowed for automation and version control during updates as well as high availability and scalability.

  • Packer for AMI solutions - the Packer and Server images are both provisioned using 2 interconnected CICD pipelines (CodePipeline->CodeCommit->CodeDeploy) created via CloudFormation.
  • Auto Scaling Groups with load balancers for high availability and high scalability solutions.
  • Designed and built a flexible third party integration solution to accommodate integration schema changes.

the Benefits

  • The application’s availability improved with an increase in performance, due to the use of AWS services.
  • The database has been secured using RDS service and security groups.
  • Rich data opportunity for multiple stakeholders - including property managers and builders - to reduce spending and increase profits.
  • Instead of downloading countless apps, AYU allows users to order groceries, pay utility bills, schedule a dog walker, and purchase concert tickets all in one app on one device.

“AYU is an awesome application to control devices and automation. There was nothing I came across that Qwinix couldn’t support”
- AYU user



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