Insurance Brokerage
Cloud Solution

Scalable and Secure Cloud Architecture Design Accelerates Quote Delivery Process for Insurance Brokerage.

A North America-based insurance brokerage required a direct method to generate insurance quotes for customers. Customer records and insurance policy information was stored in an Agency Management System (AMS). While the customer information was held in the AMS, the customer Service Representatives (CSRs) needed to use a third-party system for quote generation. The Qwinix project team worked with the client’s developers to create a secure middleware integration between the AMS and the quote generation tool. This middleware integration allowed the CSRs to create customer quotes directly and decreased the quote turnaround time.

the Challenge

  • Confidential customer and policy information would be transferred to a third-party application.
  • CSRs required a secure method to login to the quote generation tool.
  • Both read and write capabilities were required of the AMS system.

the Solution

Qwinix worked with the client to:

  • Develop a secure middleware application with a publicly facing REST API that allows read and write to the AMS. For example, the third-party application not only reads data from the AMS to generate the quotes, it also writes data back to the AMS about purchased policy.
  • Create a scalable and secure cloud architecture using diverse Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) component.
  • Design the API so that only the minimum required information is transferred.
  • Build automated processes to test and deploy the infrastructure components and application code to ensure quality and consistency in the deployment process.
  • Set up a secure CSR login configuration using SSO together with Azure Active Directory.

the Benefits

  • Flexibility: The middleware is scalable and easily reused in other application integrations. At least two more third party applications were quickly integrated. No changes were required in the middleware, and only minor tweaking of API was needed.
  • Simplified maintenance and automation testing: Using Azure PaaS and decoupling the service layer allows for easier to maintain code and change implementations.
  • Reporting: Azure Application Insights monitors for availability, debugging, performance, and usage.



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