Google Cloud Next: Week One Announcements

By Darshan Puttannaiah Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir kicked off this past week with a lineup of on-demand content focused on fresh Google Cloud capabilities and industry insights, including dozens of industry-specific breakout sessions. While week one brought endless...

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Google Anthos Explained

By Darshan Puttannaiah Make Modern Applications a Reality With Anthos When organizations consider migrating their applications and workloads to the cloud, the two most common cloud providers considered are AWS and Microsoft Azure. Yet Google’s new public cloud...

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Why Google Cloud Platform for Security?

By Rob Blanzy With teams moving at rocketship velocity, taking time to thoroughly consider and apply security measures becomes an increasing challenge. I’ve seen this many times since I started working in the cloud space in the “early days” of cloud over a decade ago....

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Why Multi-Cloud? Pros and Cons of Multi-Cloud Adoption

By CTO Leonardo Murillo There are many pros and cons of multi-cloud adoption, but how can you weigh these attributes with what’s right for your organization? Let’s dig into the current cloud ecosystem and how it’s evolving with the rapid adoption of multi-cloud....

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Core Concepts of Kubernetes and Containers

Part 1 of Kubernetes Series with CTO Leonardo Murillo What do Star Trek, Containers and Kubernetes have in common? Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform. What does that mean? Think about Google, and the incredible scale they need to support and deploy on...

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What happens in the Edge, stays in the Edge

A Qwinix QuickTake with CTO Leo Murillo Edge Computing and Edge Security As in Vegas, what happens in the Edge, stays in the Edge Just as you may want details about your Vegas vacation kept within city limits, edge computing keeps sensitive information private within...

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