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What Is the Google Cloud Security Command Center?

By Rob Blanzy, Cloud Security Expert Launched in 2018, the Security Command Center is your central hub for security tooling and monitoring in Google Cloud. Google Cloud’s Security Command Center is designed to enhance visibility into cloud environments and allow teams...

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Kubernetes Best Practices: Graceful Pod Shutdown

By Joseph Villarreal When dealing with critical workloads in a Kubernetes cluster, starting and stopping containers is a delicate task that requires orchestration and control. There’s even more added complexity brought into the mix when a Canary Release is involved,...

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Why Work with a Google Cloud Partner

By Taylor Sicko Many companies turn toward Google Cloud to leverage competition, obtain flexibility, and work more efficiently. While Google Cloud is undoubtedly a powerful platform, they rely on Google Cloud Partners, like Qwinix, to give their customers the...

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On-premises vs. Cloud: Pros and Cons

By David "Mac" McDaniel  On-premises vs. cloud – which is better? It's an ongoing debate with most companies set on using one or the other. Which one you use will ultimately come down to your industry and business needs, and sometimes the answer will be a blend of...

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Anthos on Bare Metal Explained

By David "Mac" McDaniel Companies taking a hybrid or multi-cloud approach need flexibility in the technology they use for automation, security, and to support scale. Google Cloud Anthos has put developers back in control with its unique hybrid & multi-cloud...

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