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Anthos on Bare Metal Explained

By David "Mac" McDaniel Companies taking a hybrid or multi-cloud approach need flexibility in the technology they use for automation, security, and to support scale. Google Cloud Anthos has put developers back in control with its unique hybrid & multi-cloud...

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What Is Kubernetes? K8s Uses, Benefits, & More

By David "Mac" McDaniel You've seen the memes.  With more and more companies embracing container technology, Kubernetes, also known as K8s, has become the standard for deploying and operating containerized applications.  Among the reasons Kubernetes has seen...

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What Is Edge Computing?

By Leonardo Murillo With the endless opportunity offered by loT devices, many companies are rethinking how they process data. Edge computing, which allows you to capture and process data closest to where that data is needed, is becoming the next big thing in cloud...

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Three Multi-cloud Management Challenges and Solutions

By: David “Mac” McDaniel Multi-cloud management can bring a wealth of benefits, but it’s not without challenges. Increasingly, companies are using more than one cloud solution for several good reasons. Many are taking a multi-cloud approach, as this has often shown...

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Argo Rollouts Operator: A Post Admission Mutating Hook

By: Joseph Villarreal Argo Rollouts Operator: A Post Admission Mutating Hook I recently worked with a client who wanted more powerful canary testing for their already existing Kubernetes-native applications with a minimal amount of modifications to the original source...

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First Look: Google Cloud AutoML Vision at the Edge

By: David "Mac" McDaniel My Thanksgiving leftovers include a smart warehouse skeleton on the floor… Thanks, AutoML. I am about to start working toward my Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification. This is Google Cloud’s latest technical...

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