Google Cloud Migration

Strive turned to Qwinix to unlock greater scalability and resilience for their mobile application with a streamlined move to Google Cloud Platform.

Strive is a mobile marketplace that connects job seekers and employers. Job seekers can find jobs near their homes using just their smartphones. Qwinix recommended that Strive capitalize on the benefits of migrating from a single server to the Google Cloud Platform to support their exponential growth in users.

The Challenge

  • Strive’s existing infrastructure was not scalable and did not offer resiliency, as all services were hosted on a single server.
  • As Strive’s users grew, cost reduction became a high priority.
  • The app was deployed on a single pod deployment model, resulting in latency every time an update was rolled out.
  • The existing system also lacked logging & monitoring.

The Solution

Qwinix hosted the application on GKE and migrated the main database into a CloudSQL Postgresql 9.6 instance. GKE cluster has been set up to support Network Endpoint Groups(NEG) and Kubernetes Stackdriver monitoring. Autoscaling is enabled on the cluster and HPA on the statefulsets. Strive Monitoring is set up using Stackdriver with alerts to be sent to the Qwinix support team in case of issues.

The Result

Qwinix addressed all challenges faced by the client by engineering the solution utilizing GKE. Fully automated CI/CD process in staging and a simple production deployment process with just 2 commands significantly improved the software delivery process. Monitoring and alerting using Stackdriver helped identify and resolve any production issues quickly leading to better uptime and user experience.

“The Qwinix team did a great job migrating Strive to Google Cloud. They dealt with the challenges from the previous host and ensured the new environment works properly.”
Keith Bough

About Qwinix

Qwinix is a cloud-native product engineer firm and Google Cloud Platform Partner. We help organizations digitally transform with the power of Google Cloud. During our engagement with Strive, Qwinix earned a MySQL/postgre SQL Migration Expertise from Google Cloud.

Expertises highlight partners who have demonstrated customer success across Google Cloud products and industries. Contact us to learn more about streamlining your Google Cloud migration.




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