App Modernization is the process of taking existing legacy applications and updating their internal architecture, platform infrastructure, and/or features. As a leader in digital transformation, Qwinix brings the power of the latest technologies to the forefront, aligning leading-edge solutions to your business needs.

Today, migrating apps often requires expertise in Kubernetes, containers and multi-cloud strategy. Qwinix Application Modernization services can enable digital transformation by updating existing infrastructure and architecture to digitally transform your software and keep your organization agile.

Taking Legacy to the Cloud

Make your business-critical software scalable, reliable and cost-effective

  • Cost: Eliminate costly capital expenses in favor of a scalable and manageable operating expense
  • User Experience: Back new services and processes with an engaging, user-friendly interface
  • Staff Productivity: Expect your team spend less time with workarounds with next-gen technology
  • New Revenue Stream: Deliver greater end-user value to create new revenue streams

App Modernization Consultation

Moving legacy applications onto a modern infrastructure such as cloud and containers is a wise move for modern businesses. Migrating applications can reduce IT spend — allowing you to leverage those savings into a competitive advantage. Partner with Qwinix and let us align your business needs with our leading-edge solutions.

Schedule a 30-minute introductory session to get started. You’ll work with our team to establish a clear path that aligns with your goals. From there, our App Modernization experts can begin identifying your areas of opportunity and provide the framework for a legacy to cloud migration roadmap.

Tell us a little about your goals to get started.