Qwinix Collaborates With Looker to Empower Digital Transformation

July 30th, 2020 | Press

DENVERJuly 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Qwinix announced today that it has joined the Looker Partner Network ecosystem. This collaboration between Looker and Qwinix enables customers to transcend traditional business intelligence by seamlessly integrating data experiences into the way people already work.

As a member of the Looker Partner Network, Qwinix plays a critical role in the program’s mission to empower individuals and companies by offering data analytics and business insights to every department at every scale. Qwinix’s team of highly-certified software engineers and cloud experts build, manage, and modernize applications and software that help clients close the gap between next and now.

“The need for business intelligence that can rise to the occasion has never been so pronounced,” said Darshan Puttanniah, CEO and Founder of Qwinix. “I’m excited for what this further expansion within the Google Cloud family will mean to our clients. By combining Qwinix’s robust cloud and engineering experience with Looker’s data and analytics capabilities, we can continue to help our clients find greater agility and insight — providing business intelligence that sparks real change.”

Qwinix, a cloud-native product engineering firm and Google Cloud Platform Partner, delivers leading cloud solutions and engineering expertise to enable digital transformation. By teaming with Looker, Qwinix can elevate its services with the latest tools, guidance, and engineering expertise to streamline organizations’ Google Cloud journeys. Through this collaboration, Qwinix and Looker allow customers to infuse customizable data experiences into day-to-day tools and workflows that further greater business intelligence.

About Qwinix

Qwinix is a cloud-native product engineering firm and Google Cloud Platform Partner. The firm focuses on digital transformation enablement with a leading-edge suite of engineering and cloud solutions. Founded in 2012, Qwinix is headquartered in Denver, CO with facilities in India and Costa Rica.


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