Amazon RDS allows Qwinix to easily deploy a secure, scalable, relational database structure to efficiently manage compliant, mission-critical documents.

Qwinix has been deploying Amazon RDS on available platforms of MySQL and SQL Server, from its inception, for delivering highly scalable and available database solutions for our customers on AWS. We have leveraged Amazon RDS’s Multi-AZ feature numerous times to provide our customers with database high availability that is redundant across AWS data centers, ensuring increased uptime.

Amazon RDS is a managed relational database service that provides multiple familiar database engines to choose from (Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL). Amazon RDS handles routine database tasks such as provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection, and repair.

Compared to the hosted databases, RDS is easy to use and the admin effort is very low. Increasing the performance and storage is easy. Monitoring, daily backups and restores can be configured easily. Existing hosted databases can easily be migrated to AWS using AWS Migration Service.

This service supports homogeneous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora or Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL.



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