AWS Cloud

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Qwinix is focused on the needs of next-gen leaders: accelerated time-to-market, expert solutions for increased efficiency, and exceptional customer experiences.

Leaders today are required to maintain countless moving parts in perfect sync by leveraging strategic cloud orchestrations with Agile DevOps software cycles.

AWS provides a set of flexible DevOps services that span the development process to provision, deploy, and manage your software for delivery. Qwinix integrates these AWS services with popular third-party tools to build out an end-to-end DevOps pipeline solution that fits your needs.

Cloud DevOps with AWS

Build and Deploy Resilient Cloud Applications

Driven by a relentless determination to innovate, Qwinix develops cloud applications using proven AWS DevOps automation tools like AWS Code Pipeline, Code Build, Code Deploy and Codestar to build your pipeline for code delivery.

AMG National Trust Bank Success Story

Automate Processes

Automate processes and remove multiple levels of software inefficiencies

Improve Delivery

Improve delivery and promote collaboration across departments

Immutable Infrastructure

Build immutable infrastructures according to industry best practices

Agile DevOps at Qwinix

Flexibility to innovate at speed and scale

Qwinix works alongside your team to create full documentation, enabling a seamless handoff and smooth transition for continued success. If ongoing support is desired, we offer multiple levels of managed services that supplement and extend your in-house resources.

Bright By Three Success Story

Make Adjustments

Make Adjustments without worrying about what goes on behind the scenes

Focus on Product

Focus on your product and don’t be bogged down by the infrastructure pipeline

Identify Risk

Identify risk early on and reduce product issues and defects

DevOps Automation is Key

Qwinix’s key components for project success

  • Requirements gathering phase to understand your needs and objectives
  • Architecture audit to ensure that we fully understand your existing applications and how to best re-architect them for the cloud
  • Architecture design for your new cloud application
  • Development with proven cloud technologies
  • Integration with existing systems and applications in your data center
  • Testing of functionality at scale and high load
  • Deployment of the production, staging, and test environments
  • Re-Architect and rebuild legacy applications for cloud.

AYU Global Resources, Inc. Case Study

Cloud Formation

Qwinix creates fully scripted, tested Cloud Formation templates so clients can deliver software with every code change in their infrastructure.

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS allows Qwinix to easily deploy a secure, scalable, relational database structure to efficiently manage compliant, mission-critical documents.

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