Multi Cloud
Managed Services

Businesses of all sizes are making a major shift, gradually moving their workloads out of corporate data centers into cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Azure.

Operating and architecting multiple platforms can be highly complex — especially with countless tools, apps and features launching daily. Rather than going it alone, or trying to wrangle multiple vendors, businesses are turning to cloud managed services providers. Qwinix supports the major public cloud providers and builds and manages workloads for its clients.

Conquer the Clouds with Qwinix

Your Cloud Managed Services Group

Adopting a multi-cloud strategy is often the first step towards a comprehensive digital transformation. A cloud managed services team can help you through every stage of this journey — to plan, migrate, optimize and secure — so you can experience the business-changing results of a transformed IT organization.

As companies pivot to hybrid and multi-cloud computing, many leading enterprises are turning to cloud expansion to address and control complexity. A multi-cloud environment is not only an IT alternative but also a business imperative — and next-gen leaders are lining up to leverage these strategies. 

Respond to the Demand

Multi-Cloud Adoption with Qwinix

To effectively support digital growth and transformation, platforms must be able to work seamlessly with other platforms, making an open-source cloud managed services approach increasingly important. The open-source community is largely driving cloud computing standards in response to strong business demand for cloud adoption.

In addition to the 3 clouds, Qwinix supports the Google Anthos project, Kubernetes and the ability to move workloads from one cloud provider to the next, dependent upon the business situation. From a technology perspective, Qwinix can manage all 3 clouds for a customer, to maximize staff and budget.

Cloud Consulting

We assess your goals, challenges, and areas of opportunity. From there, we define an enterprise-wide cloud strategy, complete with ROI and TCO models and provide a well-architected roadmap.

Managed Services

At Qwinix, partnership and expertise go hand-in-hand. Our managed services and solutions give you everything you need to ensure success before, during, and post-deployment.

DevOps Transformation

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Qwinix partners with you for DevOps-led cloud-enabled virtualization.

Make the Move

Companies Are moving to Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Why are we seeing a movement to multi-cloud as a strategy? The market is maturing and businesses need a cloud managed services team they can count on to make the transition seamless. 

Contact one of our Trusted Cloud Advisors today to discuss the pros and cons of a cloud technology you’re considering and to learn why Qwinix is the right cloud managed services team for your next project.

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