AMG National
Trust Bank

National Bank Secures Database and Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Help from Qwinix Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AMG National Trust Bank, is a national financial services organisation with offices in Denver, Boulder, Cheyenne, Chicago, Morristown, and Virginia Beach. The successful bank, manages approximately $4.2 billion in assets and continues to grow.In order to meet the diverse needs of bank clients, and continue to deliver superior performance, AMG knew they needed outside help to upgrade their network and optimize it for future growth.

Bank executives conducted a search to find a technology partner capable of rebuilding and securing their banking application. The team knew that in order to create a scalable network they would need to find a partner that was an expert in architecting and deploying an IT infrastructure leveraging superior Amazon Web Services (AWS). The search resulted in the selection of Qwinix Technologies. The engineers at the Denver-based software design and development firm were up to the task and quickly engaged with the bank.

the Challenge

The banking application could not support the large number of regular transactions.

High CPU usage was causing application to crash frequently.

Performance issues resulted in frequent customer complaints.

the Solution

To support the huge load on the bank’s network, Qwinix engineers integrated elastic load balances as well as auto scaling groups. The team kept an single instance behind the load balancer’s and attached autoscaling policies to enable the infrastructure to scale as needed,based on the CPU threshold.A microservice was deployed to divide all services, including database application and additional services supported by AWS RDS with postgreSQL and MySQL. This custom architecture enabled both PHP and RUBY based applications to be supported. Additionally, an Elastic IP was leveraged for all application servers in case the server accidently started or stopped.

the Benefits

Positive Customer Feedback

“There was nothing we ever came across that Qwinix couldn’t do.”
- Cade Strieby
Chief Information Officer
AMG National Trust Bank

Improved Application Performance & Availability

The application’s availability has improved with increase in performance, due to the use of AWS services.

Secured Database

The database has been secured using RDS service and security groups.

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