AYU Global
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DevOps on AWS Case Study AYU boosts customer requirements using Vendor Systems with the help from Qwinix Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AYU is a unified, secure, voice enabled platform providing rich resident experiences and providing services to all the amenities available in the community by means of mobile application that is developed by Qwinix Tech tothe concerned users.

AYU is currently working on helping the residents of apartments find their required amneties available in the community through an Application solely built for assisting to their needs.

the Challenge

We faced issues while updating the stack along with high cpu usage, which caused frequent server crashes. So we implemented AMI solutions for AYU.

Implementing High Availability and Highly scalable solutions.

the Solution

We have used Packer for AMI solutions for AYU, the Packer and Server images are both provisioned using 2 interconnected CICD pipelines (CodePipeline->CodeCommit->CodeDeploy) created via CloudFormation and that allows automation and version control during updates.

We have used Auto Scaling Groups with Load Balancers for High availability and High scalability solutions for AYU.

the Benefits

Positive Customer Feedback

“AYU is an awesome application to control devices and automation. There was nothing I came across that Qwinix couldn’t support”
- AYU user

Improved Application Performance & Availability

The application’s availability has improved with increase in performance, due to the use of AWS services.

Secured Database

The database has been secured using RDS service and security groups.

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