Fight Cybercrime With This Google Workspace Safety Certification Course

Cybersecurity crimes are on the rise, costing billions every year and sabotaging personal employee security online. Many of the security measures available on various online platforms like Google Workspace provide default protection, but unfortunately that’s not always enough.

The individual is at the root of the majority of cyber threats. This is actually good news, because it provides an opportunity to take charge and make a change. By taking control and learning about the security tools and strategies available, you can better protect yourself and your organization’s critical business information.

Individual knowledge is an integral part in the fight against cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Starts With You

Cloudbakers University announced today they will extend free access to the self-guided Google Workspace Security Certification course through the end of November.

In October over 400 Google Workspace users have already signed up for the course, and nearly 300 have completed it. This included many of Qwinix | Cloudbakers’ own employees, working together to better protect themselves and the company through empowered learning.

“Google Workspace already provides great security, however this course is a step up in preventing cyber crimes like phishing attacks at the employee level,” explained Cassandra Weiler, the Change and Adoption Practice Manager at Cloudbakers | Qwinix. “Regardless of what platform you are using, the resources in this course can help ensure your employees have the strategies and tools they need to protect themselves and your company.”

Why A Secure Google Workspace Matters 

According to Varonis 2019 Global Data Risk Report only 5 percent of company folders are properly protected. Yahoo Finance report claims that 78 percent of IT leaders don’t feel their company has sufficient protection against cyberattacks.

This course can help close that gap, allowing individual employees to take full control and responsibility for their part in protecting online data. In addition to basic proactive measures laid out by government experts to protect individuals and companies online, a better understanding of Google Workspace security settings is a foundational piece to creating a more secure online experience for everyone.

Google Workspace, which was formerly known as G Suite, is comprised of Google Cloud applications including Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Drive. As of 2020, more than 6 million businesses use Google Workspace to conduct business day-to-day.

Through the Google Workspace Security Certification course, users will learn about cybersecurity best practices and the specific Google Workspace security offerings available.

Cloudbakers University’s Google Workspace Security Certification course is completely self-guided, and takes the average learner less than 30 minutes to complete. It covers key insights on fighting phishing scams in Gmail, configuring the security tooling available through Workspace, and how to manage personal and company wide permissions and sharing capabilities.

Keep Expanding Your Google Cloud Skills with Cloudbakers University

Qwinix | Cloudbakers is proud to offer this course for free through November to promote the official launch of Cloudbakers University. The hope is that this course will get Google Workspace users off to a solid start when it comes to working safer online.

Cloudbakers University offers a variety of multimodal, self-guided courses led by Google Cloud experts. The goal is to grow the power user talent pool for large and midsize enterprises who rely on Google Workspace.

There are a variety of Google Workspace courses now available, including Google Workspace Advanced and Google Workspace Essentials. These classes provide instructional videos, practice activities designed by Google Cloud experts to onboard new employees and enhance the skills of all Google Workspace users.

Learn more about other courses offered through Cloudbakers University.

Sign up for the Google Workspace Security Certification and secure your workspace today.

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