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Engineer Your Future.

Qwinix is a cloud-native consultancy that empowers organizations to digitally transform. Our engineers and cloud experts build, manage, and modernize applications and software that help our clients close the gap between next and now. We are a proud Google Cloud Platform Partner.

Our Leadership

Chris Resch

Chris leads the Google Cloud Business Unit ensuring that Cloudbakers’ and Qwinix clients receive maximum value from their cloud investment.

Prior to Cloudbakers and Qwinix Resch had led 2nd Watch’s journey from an AWS-only partner, to a multi-cloud consultancy featuring AWS, Google, and Microsoft. Chris has worked and collaborated with leading companies such as Coca-Cola, SYSCO, Hearst Corporation, ViacomCBS, AIG, McDonald’s, Motorola and tapestry to enable a business outcomes-based approach to technology transformation initiatives.

Darshan Puttannaiah

With a career in the technology industry spanning more than 10 years, Darshan has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies to design and implement enterprise technology solutions. 

In 2012, he founded Qwinix Technologies to provide organizations with the right engineering skills, metholodologies, and emerging solutions to build technology that made a difference.

His agnostic stance on technology offers an objective perspective to companies to provide innovative technology solutions.

Katie Bodell

Katie has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and has always been attracted to the pace and energy that comes with leading high-growth companies.

Her experience in sales, client relations, operations, finance and human resources has enabled her success in client advocacy and employee development.

As General Manager of the SaaS business her focus is to accelerate growth while developing a predictable and scalable professional service organization. She is privileged to support a talented team that will ensure Cloudbakers and Qwinix are the #1 recommended Google Workspace partner in the ecosystem.


Ben has 15 years of experience in the professional services industry. His background includes time as the CFO of 7Summits, a leading Salesforce.com systems integrator, where he helped drive 40%+ compound annual growth and oversaw a successful exit to IBM. In addition, Ben’s background includes time working for McKinsey & Co. as a management consultant and Lincoln International as an investment banker. 

Ben’s passion at work is helping his co-workers grow their careers while helping drive growth at Cloudbakers and Qwinix. At Cloudbakers and Qwinix, Ben oversees Finance and Accounting, Operations, Human Resources, and Talent Acquisition.

Amaresh Veer

Amaresh has 15+ years of technical experience in product development, quality assurance, software implementation, support and operations and other areas. 

His strengths include reducing costs and consistently improving delivery times and service levels. He prides himself on leading and developing high-performing teams.

Our Story

Qwinix Technologies
Qwinix is a cloud-native consultancy and Google Cloud Partner. Driven by a distinguished engineering core, Qwinix works with clients to modernize their infrastructure, develop powerful digital experiences and processes, and strategically adopt innovative cloud solutions.

Darshan Puttannaiah founded Qwinix in 2012 as an application development provider. An engineer by trade, Puttannaiah had an extensive background in leading and building products for global organizations. While his work revolved around the enterprise space, he was innately fascinated with the lifecycle, challenges, and possibilities startups face. He started learning more and became active in the startup community.

During this time, he saw a consistent theme emerge: great ideas were abundant but few ever got off the ground. They often floundered due to a lack of technical knowledge or poor execution. Startups would often employ technology companies to build their minimal viable product, but they focused on pure product delivery — not product usability. He wanted to help entrepreneurs build MVPs that weren’t just flashy but could serve market needs.

He launched Qwinix to introduce startups to next-gen tech, leading UX practices, and feasibility testing to help them build their MVP. His methodology encompassed lean startup principles and echoed Google Venture’s Design Sprint practices. With Qwinix, ideas were tested before a single line of code was written. The user experience and business outcomes drove the entire process. It was was about building tech people loved.

Over the years, many of those budding startups grew into industry powerhouses. Qwinix began working more with enterprises looking to digitally transform. Puttannaiah understood that the methodologies, technology, and engineering excellence that helped Qwinix serve countless startups were critical to helping enterprises as they pursued the next era for their business. The cloud was at the heart of this movement.

Puttannaiah led Qwinix into its next chapter: a cloud-native consultancy. He recognized the superior technology available with Google Cloud and spearheaded the strategic decision to make Qwinix a 100% Google Cloud Platform Partner.

In 2021, Qwinix joined forces with Cloudbakers to become one of the largest professional service-focused Google Cloud Partners. The combined company was able to grow its global team to include over 350+ engineers and cloud experts. Through an end-to-end focus on Google Cloud enablement, Qwinix and Cloudbakers help organizations reimagine what is possible through strategic digital transform.

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