Securing Work Accounts: Earn Your Google Workspace Security Certification

Cloudbakers University offers a free Google Workspace Security Certification (formerly GSuite) and training course in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. 

This course helps Google Workspace users (individuals who use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and other collaboration tools within the platform) to understand the full breadth of security tooling available to them. By learning the tools and best practices to secure your account, you can better protect critical business accounts and thwart hackers.

Cybercrimes Are on the Rise

This certification comes at a critical time in the cybercrime landscape. 

Despite a triple-digit uptick in attacks, email remains the most common point of compromise. Securing your email to lock down this access point from hackers is crucial. By taking proactive steps, you can properly secure your personal and business information and better protect the information your customers or clients entrust you to safeguard.

In 2020, phishing was the most common type of cybercrime, according to the FBI. A phishing attack happens when a hacker attempts to trick you into sharing personal information or illicit malicious behavior. Typical schemes include requests for victims to send money, sensitive data, or download a malicious file (often containing ransomware). 

Phishing emails vary drastically in their level of sophistication – from the classic Nigerian Prince scam to emails that are near replicas of people or organizations you know.

Did you know: The Nigerian Prince Scam still swindles Americans out of $700,000 annually.

Inherent Security Controls: Strong, But Not Enough

Popular business collaboration and communication tools, like Google Workspace, take security seriously. Google continuously monitors for threats and bolsters defenses accordingly. Google has registered over two million phishing sites as of January 2021 – up from 1.7 million in January 2020, which equates to a 27% increase in 12 months. Being proactive is key to ensuring secure communication tools.

At Google Cloud Next 2021, Google Workspace even introduced Work Safer. The announcement serves to expand their cybersecurity services to help better secure the now prodominately remote workforce. 

However, despite robust security efforts, platforms can only provide a baseline for defense. Protecting your business accounts from cybercrimes starts with the people on the inside.

Earning Your Workspace Security Certification from Cloudbakers University

Google Workspace Security Certification from Cloudbakers University serves as a critical reminder of user security best practices. The expert-led course aims to ensure end-users have the skills they need to configure and protect their accounts appropriately.

The average learner can complete the course in 30 minutes. This learning path is ideal for those with a basic understanding and familiarity with Google Workspace products (like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar). Topics covered include:

Fighting Phishing in Gmail

Explore Gmail security best practices to better protect against business email compromise. During the Gmail security portion of the course, you will learn how to identify phishing emails and what to do if you spot a phishing attempt. This section is vital for organizations looking to defend against phishing and ransomware.

Security Tooling Available in Google Workspace

Google Workspace arms users with an extensive suite of security tools. However, it’s up to them to learn what tools are available and how to configure them accordingly.

Permission and Sharing Management

Not all data leaks are malicious. Accidental data exposure is one of the leading causes of a data breach. Learn how to lock down your permissions in Google Drive to keep your documents, spreadsheets, folders, and other vital assets safe.

Show Off Your Security Skills

Earn your industry recognition as a security guru within Google Workspace by completing the Google Workspace Security Certification from Cloudbakers University. 

Cloudbakers University is a self-paced learning program that helps teams get the most out of their Google Workspace or Google Cloud Platform journey. The platform is provided by Cloudbakers | Qwinix, a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

Certifications must be completed by October 31, 2021.

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