Three Tips for Starting Your Google Cloud Certification Path

In this article, we share three tips to put you on your Google Cloud Certification path.

As IT leaders look to grow their cloud environments, developers with cloud skills are increasingly in demand. Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing careers today, with the share of cloud computing jobs up by 42 percent since March 2018. 

Google Cloud has steadily gained market share among today’s cloud service providers, especially as more development teams embrace Kubernetes. Google Cloud’s Professional Data Engineer was the highest paying IT certification of 2021 with the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect coming in at second.

If you’re thinking about learning cloud technologies, a Google Cloud Certification can help you advance your skills, demonstrate your value to potential employers, and land your next awesome job. 

How to Start Your Google Cloud Certification Path

As of November 2021, there are 12 Google Cloud Certifications as well as an invitation-only Google Cloud Certified Fellow status. Certifications range from foundational to professional-level to showcase a range of proficiencies with the platform. 

But where exactly do you begin on your Google Cloud Certification path? Here are a few tips to help you get started. 

Tip One: Learn the Google Cloud Platform Inside Out

Depending on your knowledge and skill level, some areas might take longer to master than others. Luckily, Google outlines the focus areas for the exam in the Google Cloud’s Ace Exam Guide. They include:

  • IAM roles
  • Cloud Commands
  • Compute Engine
  • Kubernetes 
  • Virtual private clouds (VPCs)
  • Cloud Operations
  • Networking
  • Deployment and monitoring
  • Creating projects
  • And more


Google offers tons of free resources like these introductory videos to help beginners get started. For some certification tracks, it may be recommended that you study select case studies ahead of time to learn the real-world applications of using Google Cloud and further cement your knowledge. 

Tip Two: Practice Hands-on Labs

Developers also use Cloud Study Jams as a jumping-off point for leveling up their Google Cloud Skills. 

Cloud Study Jams, provided through Google Cloud Study Jam Partners and Google Developer Groups (GDG), are community-run study groups that provide hands-on Google Cloud training. They’re for anyone wanting to learn more about Google Cloud features and capabilities.

By attending a Cloud Study Jam, you can:

  • Sharpen your Google Cloud skills in a flexible environment
  • Get hands-on Google Cloud training for free
  • Meet and network with other developers 
  • Gain a month’s free access to Qwiklabs, which provides hands-on cloud training within a sandboxed environment. Qwiklabs now also offers specific learning paths depending on the certification you’re working toward 


As you grow your cloud skills and gain mastery over Google Cloud concepts, you can take skill challenges and earn skill badges to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Tip Three: Take Practice Exams

Before the test, we recommend you get a feel for the types of questions on the test by taking practice exams. The Google Cloud Certification exam is pass/fail. If you fail the first time, you can try again after 14 days. If you fail the second time, you’ll have to wait 60 days before you can retake the exam. 

Google currently offers one-month free access to all on-demand Google Cloud training. Many online learning platforms like Udemy and Cloud Academy also provide training (course costs vary). 

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