We focus on the problem, not the solution. Sounds crazy for a software solutions company, right? Have you ever made it to the end of a project only to realize you haven’t really addressed your end user’s problem? Now you’ve lost time. You’ve lost money. We start with our design sprint and focus on the problem to ensure you hit the bullseye the first time. The result? You have delighted end users and your dollars have the highest ROI.

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Our focus is not on maximizing output, but on outcomes; to accomplish maximum outcome with minimum output. While we pull from a number of practices, tools, etc. we recognize each project comes with unique challenges and opportunity and therefore, don’t try to make every project fit the same mold. Let’s work together to define an approach for your unique project. It’s our promise to treat your project as though it is our own.


  1. Validate there is a strong match to co-create a successful solution.
  2. Establish a strong team.
  3. Deep dive into client’s problem space.


  1. Deconstruct the problem space. Ask the tough questions to uncover a set a problems (rather than only one, distinct problem) that have the biggest potential impact for the client.


  1. Brainstorm and create story board around the solution – whether it’s UI, a business process or a product
  2. Prototype around defined problem set.
  3. Iterate on proposed solutions.


  1. End-user validation through prototype testing.
  2. Once this is done, we can move forward with the solution with confidence… all without having written a single line of code.
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