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The Difference Between Continuous Delivery, Deployment, and Integration

Posted by Darshan on 2/27/15 3:58 PM

If you work in or with the software industry, you've likely heard the buzz words continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous integration. The similarity in the terms can make understanding them rather difficult and confusing. Plus, it doesn't help that many people, even in the industry, misuse these terms. We're here to set the record straight.

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Trends of Software Development in 2015

Posted by Darshan on 2/20/15 1:56 PM

The only thing you can really be sure about in the software industry is that every year will bring changes, usually exciting changes. Often these changes are from unexpected directions and offer products we hadn't even dreamed of 12 months before. However, for 2015, we do see several trends on the horizon.

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6 Benefits of Cloud Applications

Posted by Darshan on 2/4/15 5:15 PM

Based on the concept of consuming computer resources with the help of remote server and software network groups, the "cloud" and/or "cloud applications" are actually interchangeable because of their reliance on centralized, secure data storage. Fundamental characteristics of the cloud include the ability to allow users to access an off-site (location and device independent) infrastructure via a web browser, enhance maintenance of cloud applications through multi-tenancy and increased productivity as hundreds of users could manage the same information simultaneously.

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A Note From the CEO

Posted by Darshan on 2/2/15 1:41 PM

As the CEO of Qwinix, it was only fitting I write our first blog post to provide more insight on who we are, why we exist, and how culture plays a role in everything we do.

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